Program Spotlight – Case Management

The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter offers dynamic and collaborative case management services to every child. Our team of case managers are responsible for assessing the unique and changing needs of each child and determining the best ways to meet those needs. Utilizing service providers in the the Northwest Arkansas community, case managers work to build a foundation of improved emotional, physical, social and mental health for each child.

Services provided include:

Medical/Dental health care

Occupational, physical and speech therapy

Mental health care (provided through licensed therapists and behavioral intervention specialists)

Behavior management plans

Throughout a child’s stay at the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, case managers track and follow his/her progress and work to maintain communication with the team of people involved in the child’s care including NWACS staff, health care providers, mental health providers, educators, CASA volunteers, DHS case workers, attorneys, etc.

By establishing safety, connection and rapport with each child, the case managers strive to address the ever-changing needs of this unique population, ultimately hoping to pave the way for smooth transition for each child as he/she leaves the Shelter.

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